Scaling A Webinar To $80k/mo How Amplifii Scaled A Webinar From $8k/mo to $80k/mo in Revenue

Want to know how Amplifii generated a 856% return on ad spend?

Imagine spending $1 on Facebook ads and then actually getting $8.56… within 90 days.

Most entrepreneurs and marketing teams I speak to would LOVE getting $1 back for every $1 they spend on Facebook.

But for this client, we didn’t just spend $1 and get $8.56 back.

We also generated leads 48,111 leads in the first 90 days of 2017.

Before working with Amplifii, this client had a list of 14,442. Generating this many leads, this actually caused new problems that the client never faced (more on that in a bit).

We also reached millions of peoples with highly engaging ads (5.32% click through rates) which introduced them to the brand and the face of the brand.

I could keep going, but today, here’s what I want to show you:

  • Strategic changes we made with Facebook ads to decrease cost per lead by up to 82.8%
  • How to get each person on a team focused on their specialities
  • These adjustments leading to be independent of affiliates
  • All the new problems we created by growing a business quickly (I love me some new problems!)

Let’s do it!

Decreasing Cost of Facebook Ads By Up To 82%

Before Amplifii being involved, the client was generating 50-70 leads a day with a budget of $106/day. These leads were primarily coming from Facebook ads to a general optin, which would later take people into a webinar. After looking at the ad, targeting, copy and ad setup, Amplifii started testing a variety of elements on the funnel.

Here’s what happened in less than 90 days:

Month 1

3.14% CTR (all)

1.40% CTR (link)



14.5 % LP conversion rate

$3,204.37 Total Spent

Month 4

5.76% CTR (all)

2.87% CTR (link)

62% decrease in CPC:

82% decrease in CPL

27.8% LP conversion rate

$3,259.10 Total Spent

Here’s how we made those improvements:

  • Testing different front end ad images: using the face of the brand vs. generic photos.
  • Testing different ad objectives: clicks to website vs. web conversions
  • Testing landing page templates: adjusting copy and positioning of elements of the landing page took conversion rates from 14.5% to 27.8%

I will create a deeper article on the Facebook ads side, keep a look out!

The client and our team knew which numbers we should track, what our benchmarks were for breakeven and different levels of profitability we wanted.

Team Focused On Their Expertise

There comes a point in every entrepreneurs life where they have to let go of specific responsibilities so they can truly work on what they are best at. The client relationship started as a consultation to start, then evolved into a client relationship as soon as they realized it didn’t make sense to invest that much time learning the paid advertising side of their business.

As soon as they trusted our team at Amplifii, there was a sense of relief.


The face of the brand knew she didn’t want to be doing the technical setup of Facebook ads. She was doing it because she HAD to, but deep down, she hated it (ok, maybe not so deep down…lol)

There were three main people involved in the growth of the brand:

1) Co-founder – face of the brand: her responsibility is to create engaging content that educates, inspires and motivates her market into action.

2) Co-founder – operations: his responsibility is to make sure things run. This includes funnel setup, email integrations and tech. As lead flow blew up, there were a significant number of people calling and messaging the client, so he stepped up to close sales as well #badass

3) The agency: our responsibility was to generate more traffic, more leads and more sales.

As soon as we all made a conscious this is what you are responsible for and this is what you are not responsible for, everyone’s level of productivity went through the roof because there was a mutual trust everyone on the team was going to do their job.

And we all did.

All Leading To Less Dependency On Affiliates

Majority of the business was built on the back of affiliates, like most webinar offers.

The presence of affiliates  allowed this business to be successful and to get it off the ground.

The issue was that with affiliates, come challenges.

Here’s what happens when the client was nearly 100% dependent on affiliates:

  • They send promo emails late (not all of them but a large percentage)
  • They don’t promote co-hosted webinars
  • There isn’t enough effort on promoting the webinar
  • Everything is last minute/rushed
  • There is no guarantee if the last promo with the same affiliate will do well 6 months later

This client didn’t deal with all these different challenges with affiliates but some of them did come up that led to under performing affiliate relationships.

The most challenging part is that if you want more affiliates (ie: more traffic), it’s not as simple as pressing a few buttons on Facebook. There is a lot of time invested in building relationships, trust and rapport with one another.

With Facebook ads working as well as they are, affiliate revenue percentage went from over 90% down to 31.4% (at this point, it’s nearly 10%).

This percentage will further decrease as we scale Facebook ads to different offers and scale the one that’s working now.


Now What?

The client is really excited because they have a had a major breakthrough with their lead generation and their ability to grow the business. Now, time to implement the adjustments above and continue optimizations to be completely self sufficient and scale advertising on Facebook, but also on Instagram and YouTube.

More to come!

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